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Kaverna's offering is not being extended to anyone in a jurisdiction that would require government approval. Homes listed on this website are meant for personal use only — this offering is not an investment vehicle and buyers should not expect profit or income.   

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Kaverna Home Management: Hassle-Free Maintenance, Fair Voting Procedures

Kaverna ensures that each home is fully maintained and functional without any need for communication among co-owners

Home Maintenance

When it comes to making decisions on things needed for the home to function properly, Kaverna takes care of it and the costs are shared equally among owners. This includes things like simple repairs to take care of the ordinary wear and tear a house experiences.

Damage Repairs / Replacements

When it comes to damages caused by a specific owner, again, Kaverna takes care of the repair or replacement, but only the owner that caused the damage pays for it. Each home's dedicated home representative ensures that the home is inspected before and after each co-owners stay to keep tabs on the cause of damages.

Discretionary Home Upgrades / Renovations

However, certain aspects of owning a second home require the co-owners to coordinate, like discretionary renovations and upgrades. Any time a co-owner wants to propose a change to the home, they can put it up for a vote by contacting their home's dedicated Kaverna representative. The required vote to go through with a proposal depends on the proposal's cost, with more expensive upgrades (>1% the value of the home) requiring a unanimous vote, and less expensive upgrades (<1% the value of the home) only requiring a majority vote. This ensures that no co-owner is forced to pay for any expensive discretionary purchase they don't want, while also ensuring that a minor upgrade to the home that most people want can't be stopped by one owner.

Clear Voting Procedure

At the end of the day, Kaverna's goal is to make each co-owner feel like the only owner, and one way we do this is by removing the need for any unnecessary coordination between co-owners. And, when coordination is necessary, we make sure to protect the interests of all owners with simple, clear procedures for voting on changes.