Flexible and equitable scheduling with ongoing access

We carefully designed a best-in-class scheduling solution, customized for international vacation home ownership, to ensure flexible and equitable scheduling with ongoing access:


Our scheduling solution is designed for spontaneous trips, trips booked far in advance, month-long trips and long weekend getaways.


When purchasing a Kaverna, the number of days you’re able to book corresponds directly with your ownership amount. With guaranteed peak season time and the ability to book as far in advance as you would like, our scheduling system is fair and equitable to all Kaverna owners.

Ongoing Access

At Kaverna, we know that life happens and plans change. Since we don’t always know what our schedule for the next year will be, we’ve done away with fixed weeks and annual drafts so that you can have ongoing access to book as you please.

Our scheduling technology

Our clear scheduling policies and easy user-interface makes scheduling simple and efficient. Using customized algorithms, we created a scheduling platform that allows owners in all Kavernas to instantly make reservations, view existing reservations and browse available dates.​

Kaverna scheduling system


Annual Nights refers to the maximum number of nights that you can book per year. Annual Nights per share is approximately equal to 365 divided by the number of shares in your Kaverna. For example, if you have 1/8 ownership in a Kaverna, you will get a maximum of 45 nights per year.​


Advanced Reservations are bookings made more than 10 days in advance and can be up to 28 consecutive nights. You can have up to two Advanced Reservations booked at any given time, and you can book as far in advance as you would like, giving you the flexibility to lock in holidays and other special trips.​



Short-Notice Reservations are bookings made within 10 days of any available night on the calendar and can be up to 28 consecutive nights. There is no limit to the number of Short-Notice Reservations that an owner can make.​



Peak Season is the time period we designate as the most popular and desirable times each year for a given Kaverna. Owners of each share are guaranteed access to the same number of Peak Season nights per year. For example, if the Peak Season for a Kaverna with eight shares is 224 days, each owner gets up to 28 Peak Season nights.​




If you would like to cancel a booking, you can do so without any penalty 60 days or more in advance of your stay. Your cancelled time will not reduce your Annual Nights and will not count as an Advanced Reservation. If you cancel a booking less than 60 days in advance of your stay, other owners will be notified that the time is now available for them to reserve. If no one reserves the time, the nights count toward the cancelling owner's Annual Nights and as one held Advanced Reservation until the last cancelled night has passed.​



Through our scheduling platform, you are free to trade your booked reservations with other co-owners in your Kaverna​.

Scheduling in-depth

Learn the details of our innovative scheduling system


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Kaverna's offering is not being extended to anyone in a jurisdiction that would require government approval. Homes listed on this website are meant for personal use only — this offering is not an investment vehicle and buyers should not expect profit or income.   

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