Surf and kite

We created Kaverna for ourselves, and people like us​

"A desperately needed innovation for the surf travel industry"

“If you’re looking to boost your kiteboarding progression, there’s simply no better investment you can make than owning a Kaverna in Cabarete” ​

“With Kaverna, you can basically become a local at one of the best spots in the world”​

Designed by surfers and kiteboarders​

We are undergoing a global revolution that has caused us all to reevaluate our priorities and rethink what constitutes as our office. For us, this has represented a clear opportunity to push the limits of our progression and chase that ultimate feeling. For those who want to step up their game and have year-round access to world-class conditions – for those who want a smarter option than spending thousands of dollars every year traveling to the same places, we created Kaverna. ​


With our intimate knowledge of each of the locations, owning a Kaverna has all the perks of staying at a surfing or kiting resort – except now, you’re investing that money into a vacation home instead of treating it as an annual, recurring expense. We help you organize boat trips, downwinders, video/photography, advanced coaching, lessons, private chef, grocery delivery and more. ​

If you want to make Kaverna even more affordable, grab your local crew and we’ll help you buy a share together. And if you’re like us and you want year-round access to perfect conditions, we can help you buy two shares in places with opposite peak seasons. We made vacation home ownership easier and more affordable, so grab your friends and family and purchase a Kaverna. ​

Hand-selected destinations for you

We are growing rapidly and plan to operate in all the top surfing and kiteboarding destinations around the world, and with the Kaverna Transfer Advantage, you can combine vacation home ownership with that ultimate sense of freedom to explore new places.​


We are constantly adding new locations and are in contact with a number of real estate agents/developers from all over the world, so if we don’t have your dream home or destination currently listed, Contact Us and we will work to create the perfect Kaverna for you.​

“Owning a Kaverna is actually better than staying at an all-inclusive surf resort – you can surf when you want and where you want, without worrying about what the other guests want to do”

Customized scheduling for the way you travel

We know what it takes to have a successful year. You need plenty of time during peak season. You need the ability to book travel far in advance so you can let your boss know you'll be unreachable. You need the ability to book a last-minute strike-mission when, seemingly out of nowhere, the conditions look perfect for next week. You need a weekend getaway, a week vacation, a month “working” remote from the beach, and that’s only the start.​


Our scheduling system was designed to ensure that all Kaverna owners score the best conditions every year.


Take the first step toward owning your dream second home 

Kaverna's offering is not being extended to anyone in a jurisdiction that would require government approval. Homes listed on this website are meant for personal use only — this offering is not an investment vehicle and buyers should not expect profit or income.   

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